Beauty tips

Over the years, we have used hundreds of products and experimented in countless ways to create new, beautiful looks for our clients. Here are some of our favorite tips to try for yourself – our gift to you!
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Gel Masks

Before you start on your skin, apply under-eye gel masks while you do your eye makeup. The patches will catch any shadow fallout AND will depuff at the same time.
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Instant Face Lift

Line the top arch of your brow with a brown toned powder and use an eyebrow gel or tint to brush your brows upward. Dab highlighter above “arch.”
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Fresh & Youthful

Use a blue-toned pink or red (vs. a yellow tone) cream blush on the apples of the cheeks and lip.

Mascara Magic

When applying mascara, bring the wand as close to the root of your lashes as you can and shimmy the wand through to the ends. For extra volume, use the wand to swipe the lashes toward your inner eye corner and then back toward the outside of your eye.
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