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We are back at it in LA and super excited to share Shannon Irene’s favorite essentials for every makeup maven. Brace yourself. This girl knows the perfect products and you will want to buy them all!

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What is the most essential product every bride should have at all times?

I am in love with the new gloss stick lip pencils that are on the market. These allows you to line the lip precisely as well as fill in the lip and get a great glossy, lasting color. MAC Cosmetics just came out with Patentpolish lip pencils in amazing colors, I am obsessed with them! I also love Clinique chubby sticks and Cover Girl LipPerfection Jumbo gloss balms.

For concealers’, the best touch up/fix concealer is the YSL Touché Éclat Radiant touch pen! It is perfect for a small purse and can help you touch-up on the go! It has a small brush on the end to help blend and apply. It is also a very hydrating product so it will ensure your makeup still looks fresh and radiant!

What is your favorite makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2014? How can this translate for a bride?

My favorite colors for this Spring/Summer are bright hues of corals, pinks and oranges. I keep seeing these amazing sunsets in LA lately and they have been inspiring me to go bright and bold with those colors this season! I am using these tones as accents for my brides in their eyes as well as their cheek and lip colors!

What is the most versatile product you have in your kit?  

The most versatile product is by far my MAC Pro longwear paint pot in Painterly! It has so many great uses! You can use as a concealer, an eye primer, a nude color for lip base (so when you put on lip color you get the true pigment) or for any facial touch ups. It is a pro longwear product to so it last all day as well! I have one in my kit, one in my purse, and one in my makeup drawers at home! Don’t leave home without it!

What are the most common makeup mistakes you see women make?

There are a few…

-Blending your makeup is essential! I see so many people that just place their make up and go… it creates lines and streaks and doesn’t give you a fresh, complete look. ALWAYS BLEND! I use a small sponge and tap/blend the whole face on every application I do (even myself when I throw my face on to run out the door!).

-Wearing too much makeup… We need to compliment our natural beauty, not hide it behind layers and layers of caked on makeup. I believe flawless makeup starts with fresh, hydrated and healthy skin. As an esthetician as well, I encourage my clients to drink lots of water and get facials regularly to help keep skin exfoliated and cleansed. This will allow your makeup to go on smoother and you won’t need to hide your skin, just enhance it!  Great skin will let your beauty beam from the inside out and make you feel confidant! That’s what makes a woman look gorgeous and feel it!

-Moisturizing… I often see women with “tired” or “dull” looking makeup. Before applying any makeup, moisturizing the skin is a MUST! I just adore this oxygen crème from the J’ai of Beverly Hills skincare line. It hydrates and treats the skin as well as acts as a wonderful base for glowing/radiant makeup. It also has oxygen plasmas to help build collagen and elastin in the skin that gives us healthier and younger skin!

Who and what inspires you?

I have a few inspirations. First and foremost, my father is an accomplished, fantastic designer whose artistry has always inspired me. He studied fashion and then moved onto interior design. He has this incredible eye for detail, but is also always able to maintain a vision of the overall concept/look that he is creating. So, when creating a makeup look, I always think of the style of clothing, the hair, the accessories and create Makeup look to accompany it so that it makes a statement on it’s own but compliments all the other components.

I am also greatly inspired by colors in nature. Flowers, trees, the sky, I can get lost in all the color! I love just taking it all in and find myself daydreaming about how I can use a color like that in my makeup looks!

Lastly, I must give credit to the legendary Kevin Aucoin! His books have been my makeup bibles over the years. He really knew how to create and enhance beauty in women all over the world! I admire his work more than I can express and I still am inspired every time I open any of his books!

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