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Amanda has some fabulous “backstage” beauty tricks that she ever-so-gracefully pulls from her bag when on set for photoshoots or at the studio with private clients. Not bragging for her, {no, never!} but she has recently beautified backstage with Connie Chung, Nicole Miller, Sarah Jessica Parker, Nicole Richie and the lovely Portia De Rossi.

Check out her seamless advice on everything from leveling fine lines to taming unruly tendrils.


Who would your dream client be and why?

I don’t think I have a specific “dream client”.  Anyone who is invested in collaborating to create a beautiful, imaginative, and/or daring look is my “perfect” client.


What is your favorite hair/makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2014? How can this translate for a bride?

Purple eye makeup is a great trend. I love Chanel’s Ombre Essentielle in Taupe Grisé. Purple has such versatility and can translate beautifully into a brightly-jeweled smokey eye or a soft wash over the lid.  If a client has green or hazel eyes, a splash of purple really makes the eyes pop!


What is your all time favorite bridal look?

The soft, romantic look is always on point to me. Light contouring, warm neutrals, lots of lashes and a flush of color on the cheek and lip exudes confidence on a modern woman.


What is the most versatile product you have in your kit?

My argan oil wears many hats! I love to mix it with moisturizer for clients with extremely dry skin. It can also act as a fine wrinkle eraser and when patted just above the cheek-bone it creates a natural, dewy highlight. Argan oil tames unruly cuticles, and can even smooth out flyways and split ends. It’s the perfect one and done product!


What’s a common mistake you see women make when applying makeup?

When applying mascara, always make sure there isn’t any residue on the top lid (this is common with women who have short lashes, deep set eyes, or a lot of lid tissue).  Even a little black smudge left on the lid can close up your eye and completely reverse the eye-opening effect of mascara!


What always looks appropriate? What never looks appropriate?

OK ladies, I am telling you how it is. No matter what your eye or skin color is, invest in browns and beiges, a good mascara, a cream blush in a rosy shade, and a lipstick or gloss that enhances your natural lip color. This look is always appropriate. A lip liner darker that your lipstick is never appropriate!


What was the most memorable moment in your career and how did it change the way you work?

My most memorable moment in my career was the first job I ever had.  I was so nervous about doing everything perfectly. I was working on a bridesmaid who never wore makeup and was shocked to see herself all dolled up. I had the sense she wasn’t loving the look, so I calmly asked her what she was unhappy about. All it took was a moment or two of blending and minimizing her eyeliner to make it right. It taught me to understand the strong importance of communication from the get-go with my clients and also that anything can be reworked to perfection!


Who and what inspires you?

I’m very inspired by the beauty trends of different decades. My style icon will always be Audrey Hepburn who represents a classic, chic and elegant sensibility.





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