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I will admit that although beauty is a passion, my personal makeup skills can always use some fine tuning. The good news is that I am a NYC girl at heart, so I can get away with the “undone” look. Alexa, on the other hand, has got it all figured out. She often swoops into the Face Time Beauty studio, sets up her flawless kit, and effortlessly creates an elegant smokey eye or a perfectly plumped pout at a moments notice. I chalk it up to the fact that both her parents are successful architects, it is not an acquired talent. Art is in her blood and this girl was born with it.


Who is your dream client?

My dream client is JLo, because, I mean, how cool would that be!? In all seriousness, she is not only beautiful but also a force a nature. She can wear a lot of make-up but also looks gorgeous with next to nothing. I think she would just have a great face to play with!


What is the most essential product every bride should have at all times?

An essential product for brides is waterproof mascara and eyeliner!! A wedding can be emotional day, to say the least! You don’t want to have to worry about your make-up running while saying your vows!


What is your favorite hair/makeup trend for Spring/Summer 2014? How can this translate for a bride?

My favorite trend for Spring/Summer is an orange lip! Such a great pop of color and it looks so modern! For brides I would tone it down with a light peach lip, or glossy peach! it is perfect for that outdoor Hamptons wedding!
What is your all time favorite bridal look?

My all time favorite bridal look is the soft smoky brown eye, with a pink lip stain. First of all, it looks great on everyone! Second, it is perfect no matter what sort of wedding you are having. It is dramatic and soft all at the same time!


What is the most versatile product you have in your kit?

One of the versatile products in my kit is my Soleil Tan De Chanel. It is a cream bronzer that looks great on everyone! And it can either give a perfect natural glow or work as contour. Just beautiful!


What are the most common hair/makeup mistakes you see women make?

The most common make-up mistake I see is where women put their blush! Ladies, we can’t swipe blush on our cheek bones anymore! I love to put it right on the apples of the cheeks to give a happy flush all day long!
What was the most memorable moment in your career and how did it change the way you work?

The most memorable moment in my career was working my first fashion week. It was so inspiring being around such great talents and executing beautiful looks. It taught me how to be an efficient and creative artist. Also, taught me how work under pressure. It can be crazy backstage!


What is always appropriate? What is never appropriate?

Playing up one of your features, is always appropriate! Strong eye, soft lips. Bright cheeks and great skin. Deep lips and just mascara. Playing up all three…never appropriate!!


If a bride couldn’t keep you in her back pocket all night long, what is the next best thing for touch ups?

One product that I would recommend to all my brides is Tatcha Blotting Papers. We all get a little shiny from time to time, especially when we are dancing the night away! These papers are perfect for keeping the shine away without removing any make-up!

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